Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sunnyside is a ghost town in Coronado National Forest.  It is on the far side of the Huachuca Mountains in a valley that makes it not so easy to get to unless you know the way.

Sunnyside was a religious settlement.  It was founded by a preacher our of San Fransisco with the name of  Samuel Donnelly.  The Donnellites, as they were called, mined the Eureka Mine, and were known as being kind to travelers, they would take in anyone who needed a place to stay.

One of the former residents moved back after retirement, he had grown up there as a young boy, and loved it so much that he and his wife built a house and lived there until they both passed away sometime in the 1980's, most of the stone work that can still be seen around the site is his handiwork.  After that an artist took up residence in one of the smaller homes for a limited period of time, he was as far as I know the last known resident.

The Barn
Collapsed Building
Possibly the Post Office
The most modern house on the site, home to the old man and his wife.
Possibly a tool shed or garage.
Exterior of a possible meeting hall.
Interior of the above building.
A field.
The Gate.
Watertower for the modern house.
Another Watertower.
An interesting tree.
Parker Canyon Lake