Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bisbee AZ Teaser

Ok, Bisbee is so not a ghost town, however it does have its own special feel to it, as well as lots of abandoned buildings, this is just a taste of what is there, after spending 3 hours there this afternoon, it would take a lifetime to get Bisbee properly photographed, but it will pop up at odd times here as I make visits there overtime, and as I scan the pictures that I have already taken...

These are the archways on the Library/Post Office

The Bank, with 'B' Mountain in the background

The view down Main Street from the 2nd floor of the library

One of three rather creepy angels

A shot thru the window of the Warner Hotel

Another shot, I wish I could have gotten into here

Balcony of the Warner Hotel

Down the stairs, there is really not anywhere in Bisbee you can go that does not have stairs.

View back up the same stairs

The Warner Hotel