Friday, April 8, 2011

Kentucky Camp

Kentucky Camp is an old mining town located in South-Eastern AZ, near the town of Sonita.  After an accident that resulted in the death of the main stockholder in the mine, the area was deserted until the land was purchased for ranching, the headquarters of the mining company then became the main ranch house, and was lived in and used until the late 60's when it was bought by another mining company, though the buildings were never used in that endeavor.  In 1989, control of the site was handed over the Coronado National Forest, the buildings were in bad shape, restoration of the site had been ongoing since.  Now, it is possible to spend the night in one of the buildings, and all but one are open to the public during daylight hours. 

First view when coming down the hill into the valley with the townsite.
The only building that is literally in ruins.
Back part of the ruins.
Misc equipment hanging around the area.
An old car.
Door into the Ruins.
The main building on the site, a large house. 
A fireplace inside of the main building.
The porch on the main building heading towards the back.
The back of the main building.

An old stove located in the building behind the main building.
This is built into the floor of the rear building, I know it was used by the miners, but I do not know more than that, any information anyone might have on this would be most welcome.
The view from the side porch of the main building when heading back towards the rest of the town.
The smaller building, perhaps the mining head's house, this is the building that is now set up to be rented out at nights, it is two interconnecting rooms, with water piped onto the backporch and a grill provided for cooking.  It is called a bed and breakfast, however breakfast is seldom served.
The last building on the site, this is the only one that was closed to the public on my visit because they were in the process of fixing the floor.

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