Thursday, August 11, 2011

Elgin AZ part 1

Ok, so Elgin is not really a ghost town, but it has some amazing old buildings, some lived in and some not.  Elgin is a ranching community in Santa Cruz County, though now it is more well known for its vineyards.  However 100 years ago it needed all of the same things that any other town needed, so it had all the markets and such that you would find in a community of its size, now none of these are necessary since Sierra Vista is 30 minutes away and Sonita is maybe 15 from some parts of town.  This part of the post is for the abandoned building s of Elgin, of which I have only been able to find three, our next post on Elgin will be about the re-purposed buildings, the ones which were once abandoned and are no more, or the ones that are 100 years old and still in use, either way though Elgin is a great if widespread community that is definitely worth a visit along with its neighbors Sonita and Patagonia. 

The Old Gas Station at the place where Elgin Road splits to Upper and Lower.

A Close up of the sign, this was last a Shell!!!

I am not sure what this once was, other than two stories

There was a completely wooden trailer behind it.

There were still shelves in it.

This tree marks the driveway to the house below

This more of a set of building than one house, but it is very overgrown and while you could drive right up to it, I had my kids with me this trip, I try really hard to follow all laws when I have my kids with me, so no close-up shots at this time.

Some of the large amount of debris that was strewn around the house.

A Storm moved in on us while we were out photographing.

As always when out in the desert you need to be mindful of nature and what is around you.

This tree is in front of the original Elgin School

An Arizona Sunset is a perfect way to end a great day.

As I stated a little above, with the kids I actually follow the no trespassing signs, so the next time I go out I will try and get into some of the places that I only was able to catch the outside of, so who knows, maybe this will be a 3 part series, we will just have to see, I hope everyone had a great summer, and now that school is back in session I am hoping to be able to update more frequently.  Thanks for reading!!

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