Sunday, November 20, 2011

Misc updates

Ok, so this post is really more about revisiting places we have already been, either with things I have forgotton, or with new information I have uncovered, new photos etc...

So this was a huge oversight on my part, though since it was meant as a teaser post till hold you over until I find the rolls and rolls of film I have shot in Bisbee, anyways, this is the Lavender Pit in Bisbee AZ, it is massive and hard to miss if you venture out of Old Bisbee on your travels, which you of course should because Warren and what is left of Lowell is so worth a visit or two.

This is one of the largest and oldest trees in the state, it is at the San Pedro House between Bisbee and Sierra Vista, while I have not done a post on this house, anyone who has an interest in biographies would do well to read "The Five Fosters" by Betty Foster Escapule, it is an interesting read about her life growing up some in the before mentioned house, as well as other places.  It was really enjoyable...

Earlier this year I did a post on the Paul Spur Mansion, I went back a few months later to show my husband, and this is what we found, cows, cows, and more cows, very frustrating.  I have yet to find anything about a cemetery in the area, and would be thrilled to learn more about that if anyone would care to share in the comments...

This photo was taken on the far side of the highway from Fairbanks, When you walk around the steamworks building, this is on the side of it, I have to say I was ashamed of the fact that I had forgotten it was there, there is also a old set of cow pens with a shed and loading area, it is being restored, there is much more in this area, between Fairbanks and Charleston, I am hoping to get out there some this winter on a few of our nicer days.  

This is more to let everyone know that I have not forgotten about the blog, life is just busy at the moment, especially with the holidays coming up and I have had to spend more time at home and less wondering throughout the local areas, hopefully after Christmas I will have more time.

If there is anywhere that someone would like to hear about please comment so I can start looking into it, and also please remember that this page is a work in progress, I suspect it will take many years before it begins to look complete in any way, and also that it is a labor of love, while I would love to be able to visit and post about a new place every week, that is just not something that is possible for me.  Until next time then I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!!

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