Monday, May 9, 2011

Paul Family Mansion??? Douglas AZ

Ok, this is the Paul Family Mansion, at least I am pretty certain it is.  The family has not lived here for many years, however it was used for meetings and such for the lime plant that is located right across the street.  The lime plant closed down approximately 6 months before I went and took these pictures, but with the way the house is still furnished, it was a very surreal experience. 

Our first view inside.

This is the view from the huge greenhouse type window.

There was once a lot of water around this house.

The bedrooms were set up strange, they each had there own entrance from the outside, more like a hotel or inn, however I could not tell if there were bathrooms, anywhere, and they did not connect to the main house.

The house is on a huge lot, and there are a ton of out buildings, this is a courtyard between the back of the tiki room, a pantry/laundry room of the kitchen, the garage and storage/utilities areas.

Opposite side of the Tiki room.

A storage/utility area.

This outbuilding has a twin, they ran across the back of the lot.

From the end of the back outbuilding to the far side of the lot.  The driveway wrapped around that side to come in at the rear of the house.

The Carport.

They filled in the pool.

The only way upstairs.

A View into Mexico from the balcony.

The balcony, there were two or three rooms that were accessed from here.

A close-up of the tiki bar.

With the way this building was set up, it was confusing.  There is also supposed to be access to a cave from the Paul Family Mansion, and I saw no way that could have been from this building.  I would love to learn more about this building, because I question whether I have the right building for what I was looking for, but either way this was worth the trip to see.


  1. Further research please???

    There was no access to the caves, when the mansion was occupied by the Paul family the lime plant was not in production there was just a mountain close beside the mansion.
    There is a grave yard near the mansion, at one point there used to be a small village, with a school and church.
    When Paul senior died his son Paul jr, sold the property for the mining possibilities in the mountain beside the house, he sold it to the highest bidder.
    There is current rumblings that the cemetary will be wiped out by the lime plantcorporation. Have you found anything out about this?
    Further research is needed by you for this to be a complete blog and post.
    This was the Paul family mansion, though it was sold in the 30s/40s and many things have clearly been done to it since then.
    If you are not sure about something then why post it?

  2. I post it because I want to learn more about it, and also because this blog is more for the photos than it is for the history right now.

    Having people like you post information on here gives me the chance to learn more, and also opens up the chance for discussion.

    Also I went back by there a few days ago, and the land which is fenced in is full of cows, lots and lots of cows, it is sorta sad to see.

  3. I spent a good bit of time here as a kid in the 1960s/1970s... great pictures. TY.