Monday, June 6, 2011


OK, so I have not posted in almost a month, because I let someones comments get to me, which was stupid.  I decided to do this post because I love photographing old buildings and ghost towns, and because I love history and I wanted to share that with other like minded people. 

I have only had one comment on the blog at this point, and that person wanted to know why I would post something if I had not fully researched something.  The answer is simple, and so not simple.  For one because I have to kids, one not even in school yet, so while I Google the places that I am posting about, or have some knowledge from previous research, I do not have the time or energy to go to libraries and do an in depth search about any of these places.  This is a HOBBY, not a job, I do not get money from my blog, though I would be willing to sell prints of my pictures if someone wanted one.  Reason two is because I want to know what other people have to say about these places, what they have learned about them.  When I got my first comment, I was thrilled, it was like Christmas morning and finding out you got a present under the tree, then I read it and it was a present I so did not want in some ways, yet exactly what I wished for in others.  I was confused, and I let it get to me, stupid, but done with now.  I will try to not be so sensitive, people have the right to their opinions, just like I have the right to mine, but I hope that people can be nice, and can realize that this is not going to be a complete blog, unless they are willing to help to make it one.

Lets all learn together, go on an adventure together, and have fun while doing it.  I hope that that is not to much to ask.

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