Saturday, September 29, 2012

Twin Arrows

Twin Arrows is a stop along I-40 in Northern Arizona, on a stretch of the old Route 66 alignment.  There is not nearly as much to see here as there was at Two Guns, and they do not want people stopping and wandering.  There is like no parking in the area, everything is blocked off by big cement barriers, however we were not the only car slowly driving along the frontage road snapping pics, there was one in front of us and one behind us as well.  It made it hard for my hubby to argue when others were doing it too.  =0)

The place is named for the Giant Twin Arrows that some entrepreneur years ago put up to attract attention to their trading post and hamburger stand.

In this photo you can see the trading post and some of the gas pumps and in the bottom left of the picture you can see a bit of the barriers which block the whole area.

A closer shot of the arrows, they have recently been restored, it was not to long ago that they were missing pieces and the paint was faded and chipped away...

The trading post and more of the gas pumps, there were a lot of gas pumps hanging out around this building...

The Diner!

The future, there should be a casino going up at this exit in the near future, what this will mean for the old Trading Post and Diner is still unknown, but I for one am hoping for a resurrection of this unique spot along Americas Mother Road!

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