Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fort Lowell

Fort Lowell is an old army outpost located in Tucson AZ, a lot of what is left is now a city park, and within the surrounding neighborhood.  In the park there are signs you can follow and a museum.  It is most definitely worth the visit if you love western history, military history, even Indian history, it covers so many things. 

Just as an FYI, the sign photos are larger so that they may be read easier...

Sign for the hospital.

This is a part of the hospital, it is one of the larger ruins in the park, and as you can see one of the more protected. 

You can see in the hospital there are adobe bricks being prepared for preservation work at the site.

This is what was once the main lane heading into and through the Fort.

This is the part of the museum, I believe it was once part of the officers quarters.

Another museum building, we have been going to this park for almost 10 years, and this was the first time that I found the museum open.  It is only open for one day a week, and is run entirely by volunteers, so if you are planning on going and come from out of the area I would call ahead to ensure that you get a chance to see the wonderful exhibits.  They also have a nice scavenger hunt for kids to play as they learn!

This is one of the buildings that is not located in the park, this one is right across the road from it, you can almost make out the fence around this structure, it is now being preserved, but when we first came to this park, there were still people living in this home, it is one of the coolest things about Tucson, how the past is still very active in the present and the future.

A close up of the above house.  Here you can see the repairs being done on the building!

The front of the museum!

The flagpole!

A better view of the entire hospital site.

I am hoping to get to go back to this park in the next few months so I can photograph the rest of the site as well as the rest of the signs.  We were here just to waste about 30 minutes one afternoon while we were between appointments, and I have yet to find any of the photographs I have taken previously, so when I make it back you guys will be the first to know!

Happy hunting!

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